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  • Boy and His Dog Both Have Dwarfism...

    Love That Max

    "Strangers in the street stop and stare at him, and he's been called 'ugly,' a 'freak,' and a 'midget' by others. It's heartbreaking."

  • Girl, 5, Kept in “Filthy” Isolation Room...

    Love That Max

    Mary Hodge likened the room to a prison cell.

  • Tampons May Come Apart While in Use...

    Love That Max

    The affected tampons were distributed in the United States and Canada between Oct. 17, 2016, and Oct. 23, 2018.

  • Girls ‘Camouflage’ Autism More Than Boys...

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    Researchers set out to find a way to detect camouflaging and its effects.

  • Santa’s Gift to Blind Boy with Autism...

    Love That Max

    Matthew loves Santa, but his mother worried his special needs might make his first experience with jolly old Saint Nick frightening instead of fun.

  • Man Behind NJ Disability Law Dead At 22...

    Love That Max

    "He just wanted to be loved and accepted and love others."